On a Postnatural Basis

on a postnatural basis


On a Postnatural Basis approaches photograph as part of the

structures of the space and space as a photographic element.

Through the artworks photograph appears as a life-imitating

artificial surface, and as such it gets compared to the synthetic

coverings of residential interiors and human-built environment.

The dialogue between photograph and installed materials

makes our living environment seem as an absurd illusion,

in which natural and unnatural overlap.

Works have been exhibited in Gallery Å (Turku/Finland).



mixed media installation

(plastic carpet, photo wallpaper)

490 cm x 330 cm x 266 cm

Can’t see the forest for the floor

mixed media installation

(plastic carpet, plastic curtain, skirting,

laminate flooring)


Framed pigment print on aluminum

100 cm x 100 cm